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Restaurant Accessibility


We are committed to providing each of our guests with an extraordinary experience. The information below describes what you can expect during your dining experience and your arrival at The Jefferson Hotel. Our team is also available at 804-649-4629 or [email protected] to answer any questions.


There are six (6) handicap parking spaces in our valet and self-parking lot located on Adams Street, directly across from the Circle Drive. There are also six (6) handicap parking spaces in our self-parking lot located on Main Street between Adams and Jefferson Streets.


The Circle Drive located on Franklin Street at the corner of Adams is the recommended entrance and exit for all arriving and departing guests. The pathway to Lemaire is unobstructed. Guests choosing to use either of the Main Street entrances will also have an unobstructed path to Lemaire utilizing the Rotunda Elevators 4 and 5 to the first floor of guestrooms (Level 1). Guests will then follow the directional signs to Elevators 1 and 2, exciting on the Lobby Level (Level L) and arriving at the Circle Drive entrance doors.

Dining Rooms

Each of Lemaire’s eight dining rooms, the bar and lounge area and the outdoor patio are accessible. A member of our service team will read the menu aloud to guests that may require assistance.


The Lemaire Restaurant restrooms are wheelchair accessible and each contains a handicap stall with grab bars and height appropriate fixtures and countertops.

Service Animals

Recognized ADA service animals are welcomed in all areas of the hotel.  

Website Compliance

Our AudioEye Trusted Certification represents our commitment to digital accessibility and inclusion. Please use the navigation provided by the Accessible Icon on the right-hand side of the webpage to customize your website experience.