Your Holiday Visit

We aim to provide our guests with stellar service and a comfortable ambience to enjoy themselves when visiting or dining. We ask that all guests refrain from enjoying food in the public areas of the hotel throughout the holiday season. During this time, we also ask that all food be ordered and enjoyed at lounge tables, banquettes, or bar stools exclusively.

Lemaire is a New American restaurant bringing a fresh, modern culinary experience to one of Virginia’s most iconic attractions – The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Virginia.

The menu features extraordinary Virginia grown ingredients and the Southern influences of Richmond's food culture. The unique structure of the menu will allow you to customize your experience each time you visit while our distinctive spaces - the bar and lounge, the patio and the dining rooms –make any occasion special.  

The innovative cocktail list features classic libations with a modern twist and fresh, handcrafted ingredients.  The wine list of over 200 offerings, including a robust selection of bottles under $30 and wines by glass, will inspire you to experiment with the tastes of the New and Old Worlds.

Lemaire is proud to support the VCU Rice Rivers Center VA Oyster Shell Recycling Program and is a Virginia Green certified restaurant.



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