Join us on Thursday, November 9th at 6:00PM as Lemaire welcomes owner/winemaker, Scott Sampler of the Central Coast Group Project.  CCGP is a boutique producer of fine wines located in Santa Barbara County. Committed to excellence, Mr. Sampler sources only the highest quality fruit from local, world-class vineyards that farm organically and/or sustainably to Scott’s particular specifications.  In the cellar, he takes a natural approach, using modern means to enhance ancient techniques that gently build flavor, structure, texture and balance from the grapes themselves. Specializing in small lot, vigilantly handcrafted Rhône Valley varietals, Scott endeavors to express the cooler climates, unique soils and exceptional vineyard sites of the Central Coast of California.  There will be six CCGP wines paired with an all vegetarian menu conceived by the Lemaire culinary team for the cost of $120 (all inclusive).  Please contact Greg McGehee at 804-649-4758 or [email protected] for reservations.

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